The vision of the MUST project is that teachers, with the appropriate support, can build e-learning materials based on the results of didactic research. These materials have been developed in Open Moodle Courses format with the aim of being used in mobile devices. Later, they have been used in professional development activities for teachers interested in their experimentation in the classroom. To achieve this goal, a consortium consisting of four secondary schools from four countries (Spain, Slovenia, Poland and Romania), an educational company (BonNouEdu) and a regional education department (Conselleria d’Educació de la Comunitat Valenciana).

The COMPASS project (2016-18) is an initiative aimed at contributing to closing the gap between educational research and teaching. The project association is composed of two universities: Bayreuth, (Germany), with a solid experience in the development of dynamic geometry software (JSXGraph) and Maribor (Slovenia) specialist in the innovative use of ICT in the classroom (through the E-book design Four high schools (Spain, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria), ensure that the project is firmly connected with the daily reality of school life, and finally, the collaboration of BonNouEdu helps put the consortium in touch with The modern business world.

The main objective of the SCORE project is to help promote a culture of classroom evaluation through the use of Learning Analytics methods aimed at decision-making based on evidence. On the other hand, it intends to broaden the impact of the innovation developed through the use of LTI standards (Learning Tool Interoperability) that allows the online learning systems (LMS) of different educational institutions to be connected. The project consortium consists of educational institutions from three countries: University of Alicante (SP), an education institute (RO), three schools (SP, RO, PO) and the collaboration of BonNouEdu.

ITEMS main objective is to design and promote innovative methods, pedagogies, learning materials and tools to be used in STEM subjects at Higher Education and high school level as well. This will be done through the creation of ICT based modules integrating e-assessment tools and assignments activities for STEM teaching. Partnership is a five-country multifaceted consortium composed of a research institute (Center for Mobile Learning, Bayreuth University, DE), three universities: Aalto University (FI), Maribor University (SL) and Jihoceska University (CR), a high school (IES Mediterrània, SP), an edutech company (BNedu, SP) and a regional education authority (Conselleria Educació de Comunitat Valenciana, SP) working in a collaborative European perspective.